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" Electric Stimulation with Microcurrent and Specific Frequency."

Autor: Sinval Andrade dos Santos
Editora: Andrade
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The electrical stimulation with microcurrent produces a signicant increase in the ATP concentration at the cellular level, contributing to the improvement of its function, producing the following effects:

1. Increased electrical capacitance of damaged tissues.

2. Nomalization of the oscillating polarity of cells.

3. Decrease of resistance to the entry of endogenous currents into the injured area.

4. Improvement of the generation of electrial impulses for the neurons.

5. Increased protein synthesis.

6. Improvement of mebrane transport and cellular permeability, with greater nutrient intake and elimination of toxic products of cellular metabolism.

ATP also performs important functions at a distance, such as a messenger, through AMP and Adenosine tha bind to specific receptors of muscles, blood vessels, and the heart.

<Specific Frequence>

Each biological tissue has a specific frequency of vibration, responding better when stimulated with this frequency, through a mechanism of bioresonance. Modern stimulators have a frequency module that can be selectively used in combination with microampere currents.

<Therapeutic Effectiveness>

In addition to its therapeutic efficacy in the trearment of pain syndromes, microcurrent and specific frequency stimulation has been shown to be an adjuvant in the treatment of pathologies in other medical areas such as neurology, psychiatry, orthopedics, dermatology, ophthalmology, aesthetics and sports injuries.

Electric currents with microcurrent, using low intensity currents, subsensorial, are more comfortable for patients who mostly do not perceive the passage of electric current.

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